Deciding On Flooring For Your Investment Property? Why Not Choose Epoxy?

Many people think that they can only use Epoxy flooring in their garage but why not use it for your Investment Property?

Aesthetically pleasing to the eye, easier of clean, resistant to oil, salt, and most harmful chemicals, Epoxy floors maintain their beauty and integrity for many years to follow.

Read through the many advantages below:

Durability: Due to its durability and perseverance, epoxy floor coatings are used in many industrial and commercial buildings such as warehouses, factories, food and beverage plants, laboratories, commercial businesses and more. Epoxy coatings can promise you a more robust floor that may last for many years.  These are also the reasons we are seeing it used more and more for residential housing and investment property.

Easy To Clean: Dirt and dust can easily be wiped clean if your concrete floor is coated with epoxy. For this reason, epoxy floor coatings are perfect for facilities such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical and packaging plants.

Beautiful Finish: With epoxy flooring, you receive a surface with an attractive high-gloss shine. Epoxy coatings can be found in different colours and styles, so you can be certain that there is a colour available to suit your taste.

Chemical Resistance: Owners of factories, warehouses and industrial plants get their floors covered with epoxy floor coating to make their concrete floor chemical resistant.

Improved Safety: As a home or business owner, you have to ensure that you create an atmosphere that is safe for your family and visitors. Epoxy coatings are formulated to resist impact, slip, heat or fire.

Cost Efficient Flooring: When you consider the resistance to cracking, staining, fading and abrasion that Epoxy floor paint provides, the cost savings become obvious. By selecting an epoxy floor coating, you won’t bear the cost of replacing the carpets, tiles or linoleum, and you’ll eliminate the need for waxing and steam cleaning.

Better Comfort: Concrete isn’t a soft flooring option and many people use rugs to soften the look and feel of the room. Homeowners in hot climates often prefer epoxy floor due to the coolness that the coating offers.

Epoxy Floor – SYDNEY

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