Invoke Peaceful Vibes In Your Nest – Duck Egg Blue

For a calm and subdued shade of blue that brings a sense of peace to a room, choose duck egg blue. This shade works for both masculine and feminine decor. You choose it for almost any room in the home. You can combine it with other similar shades to promote a room with colours that do not overwhelm, but instead blend with and complement each other for a classic and modern look.

In the Bedroom: Use duck egg blue in a bedroom to give it a peaceful look and atmosphere conducive to sleep. Paint all four walls in duck egg blue or choose just the back wall near the bed’s headboard. You can also do two walls in duck egg blue and the other two walls in an eggshell white to keep with the egg theme. Add duck egg blue curtains and a duck egg comforter or quilt to complete the look. Decorate your bed further with duck egg and white throw pillows to offer contrast, but not an overwhelming contrast that takes away from the peace and tranquility of the room. Lampshades with duck egg blue can also add accents to the room.

In the Living Room: Combine duck egg blue with cream to give you living room contrast. Choosing cream and blue can offer you a choice of furniture and accent pieces. Paint your walls cream and decorate with a duck egg blue living room set consisting of a sofa, loveseat, and recliner. You can have one cream lampshade on one side of the room and a duck egg lampshade on the other side. If you prefer lighter lampshades, choose a lamp with a duck egg blue base. Accent your furniture with duck egg throw pillows and blankets.

In the Kitchen: Get creative in the kitchen with more than just your cooking. Use duck egg blue as part of your kitchen’s backsplash or paint your cabinets blue and leave the rest of the kitchen in a cream, beige, or white colour. You could also paint the entire kitchen in duck egg and coordinate the walls with stainless steel appliances for a modern look. While white appliances also work, stainless steel blends better with this shade of blue.

For the Bathroom: The bathroom has lots of room for creative decor. The easiest way to incorporate duck egg is to paint the walls blue, but adding blue accents work well too. Start with a white base colour and add blue in little by little. Buy a duck egg blue shower curtain, bath and hand towels, and bathroom rubbish bin. You can also find a tissue box cover in duck egg blue.

[Source: Ebay]