What should I consider when choosing a colour for the exterior of my home?

When it comes to choosing the most flattering colours for your property, consider the following tips:

*Selecting one color for accents such as doors, one color for trim, and a third color for the siding
*Contrasting the accent and trim color in order to mask design defects and underline architectural details
*Utilising fewer colors on simple homes and four to six colors on elaborate homes
*Coordinating the color of the paint with that of neighboring homes to maintain a sense of uniformity
*Harmonising the new paint with the residence’s current colours
*Applying an accent color along the contour that contrasts with the home’s background in order to highlight architectural aspects
*Steering clear of extreme contrasts
*Choosing colors from the same color family
*Balancing shades over the entire home
*Harmonising the exterior paint with the home’s interior colours
*Complementing the colors of the masonry and roof with those of the trim or siding
*Choosing accent colors for columns, shutters, and other details, as well as the trim
*Applying light colors to make the residence appear larger and darker shades to make it seem smaller
*Keeping in mind that intense colors tend to fade quicker, and that dark colors are more difficult to maintain than light colours
*Reserving glossy or semi-glossy paint for railings and columns since this type of coating tends to show brush strokes and flaws (even though it is also easier to maintain)
*Consulting historic color charts or applying a modern, bright shade to highlight architectural aspects when painting an older home
*Matching the new shade to the property’s landscaping